What awaits you

Let’s meet on the Coal Market [Targ Węglowy] this winter!

Christmas Market in Gdańsk is thought to be one of the most beautiful in Poland. Its fairytale, Christmas atmosphere captivates citizens of Tricity and tourists, who spend winter days most happily here. Because here it is beautiful and tasty!

New production design, new zone, new space
Each year new attractions appear in the market. This time it is going to be a beautiful, two-level Gdańsk Carousel, which we know already know from the Fish Market [Targ Rybny], but this time we will see what it is going to look like in the Coal Market. Citizens of Gdańsk – owners of the Citizen’s Card – will be able to use the carousel for symbolic PLN 1 once. And all the money will be given to the Hospice Foundation, which will spend it on holidays for orphaned children.
Another novelty is a food zone, i.e. Food Court, located in the centre of the Coal Market and operating until 13th January. Here it is going to be tasty! We will taste dishes representing Spanish cuisine (churros), Hungarian (kürtőskalács and lángos), Alsatian (scones), Chinese (dumplings and chicken sushi), German (wursts and gluhweins of different flavours), Greek (bougatsa from filo pastry), Belgian (waffles and fries), and Polish (poppyseed cake, gingerbread cakes, pasties, beetroot soup, sour rye soup, mulled wines and liqueurs). We will also drink teas with many flavours, warming-up hot chocolates, warm beer with honey and ginger, regional cider with addition of rum. And we will of course taste aromatic mulled wine, served in collectible ceramic cups or one-time cups produced especially for the market. New places for consumption will appear in the food zone – spacious, roofed gazebos, equipped with furniture and heating radiators.
For the first time ever, the market will also be held on the second side of Wały Jagiellońskie because stands with arts and crafts will be located in the courtyard of Gdańsk Forum.

Lucek the Elk returns!
Traditionally, Angel’s Mill with mobile figures of the Three Kings, the Holy Family, angels and saints will be the heart of the Market. Arts and Crafts Market will be held in historical interiors of the Great Armoury [Wielka Zbrojownia] The merriest place will be definitely next to Lucek the Elk, who will speak to us in human voice, mutter, hum melodies and tell bad jokes. The AmberSky Observation Wheel will be the Elk’s guardian.
The most romantic place is going to be By the Mistletoe, the most colourful one by the Christmas of Young Citizens of Gdańsk. Enchanted Coach with two reindeers will be the place of the most fairytale character, and we will be able to get a taste of real winter by the Ice Mountain with sledge tracks, which this time will be located within the territory of Gdańsk Forum.

Fairytale processions and parades
The Market will be opened with Parade of Elves on 1st December. From this day, parades and processions will accompany the Market on all working days. During the first week, elves will entertains us, and they will be joined by Santa Claus from 6th December onwards. During the second week, Snow Queen and her entourage will arrive at the Coal Market, and during third week we are going to welcome a Procession of Carollers. Actors from Feta Theatre will play the fairytale characters.
On Saturdays and Sundays, artistic workshops for children will be held in the Great Armoury. They will be conducted by trainers from Gdański Archipelag Kultury (from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm). The programme includes e.g. creation of Santa Clauses, gnomes, angels, decorations and folk songs workshops). Importantly, you will be able to leave a child under professional care and during this time spend a pleasant time in the market.

Helping is beautiful!
The market in Gdańsk is distinguished by the fact that during its duration a charity action for Hospice Foundation will be carried out. Helping during the Market is very easy: it is enough to put a donation into a volunteer’s money box or to visit the Foundation’s stand in the Armoury. Donations will be also obtained thanks to works prepared by school students and sent for the market’s artistic competition entitles Angels play for the Hospice.

In such wonderful surroundings, with the sounds of carols around, while walking on paths which will be created on the Coal Market only for this winter time and which will bear the following names: Angelic [Anielska], Chocolate [Czekoladowa] and Cinnamon [Cynamonowa], it is difficult not to feel the atmosphere of closeness and warmth that accompanies the upcoming Christmas.

CHRISTMAS MARKET / arts and crafts – 11:00 am – 8:00 pm
FOOD COURT ZONE / Monday – Thursday 1:00 pm – 8:00 pm, Friday – Sunday 11:00 am – 9:00 pm.

• HERE IT IS TASTY – a food zone
• HERE YOU MAY HAVE A SPIN – Gdańsk Carousel
• HERE ARE THE SAINTS ‑ Angel’s Mill with mobile figures
• HERE IS LUCEK THE ELK – Attention! He speaks in human voice – Elk’s habitat
• HERE YOU MAY FIND FAIRYTALE – Christmas processions
• HERE IS THE THRONE, HERE HE IS –we are searching for Santa Claus – here and there
• HERE IS THE LIGHT – Enchanted Coach with reindeers
• AND HERE AS WELL – Christmas 3D illuminations
• HERE YOU MAY GET A KISS ‑ a nook by the mistletoe
• HERE YOU MAY GET IN THE MOOD ‑ a grove with a small chapel
• HERE WE MEET – while drinking winter mulled wine
• HERE IS THE WINTER ATMOSHPHERE  – even if winter is not here Ice Mountain with sledge tracks
• HERE IS COLOURFUL – Christmas Tree of Young Citizens of Gdańsk
• HERE IS FUN – animation zone for children, arts workshops

1 Lucek the Elk, who speaks in human voice
2 reindeers in the Enchanted Coach
8-metre Angel’s Mill
PLN 15: price for one cup – souvenirs from the market
16 Christmas processions
PLN 25: price for two cups
35 metres of sledge tracks on Ice Mountain
40 stands in the Food Court zone / Coal Market
45 art stands / Great Armoury of Art
60 stands in the arts and crafts zone / Coal Market, Gdańsk Forum
78 passengers of the Gdańsk Carousel